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Dr. Pauline Bergstein psychologist specializing ineating disorders in Englewood ad Ridgewood, NJ

In the over twenty years that I have been in the clinical practice of psychotherapy, I remain amazed by the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit.  I respect the human capacity to survive and adapt to challenges - big and small, acute and chronic - but also the ability to make change given the right circumstances.  It has been an honor to witness and be part of many individuals’ journeys to a better and more satisfying life using psychotherapy. Sometimes peoples’ ability to change has seemed miraculous.


Through my training as a psychologist starting with my doctoral training as a Ph.D. candidate and graduate and my other educational experiences, several modalities have been embedded into my practice including cognitive-behavioral techniques.  My understanding of the human experience and of change however, grows predominantly from my training as a certified psychoanalyst.  This depth model informs all of my work and allows the individuals with whom I work to do so as intensely and thoroughly as they wish.  We work together to understand the depth and breadth of past and present experience and do so in service of catalyzing positive change.     


Although I have worked with many age groups, my practice focuses upon work with adolescents and adults, and their families, when appropriate. I have much experience working with disorders whose root is often established in adolescence but that haunt into adulthood such as: eating disorders; drug and alcohol abuse; self-harm; and gender and sexual identity issues. I therefore have experience working with a wide breadth of anxiety issues, depression (including bipolar disorder), and issues of both internal and external conflict. 


My work has also led me to develop an expertise specific to the experience and/or history of trauma.  I work with individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and dissociative disorders including Dissociative Identity disorder (aka Multiple Personality Disorder).  My most recent training and development of clinical skills is in the administration of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Rehabilitation).  Although created for the processing of acute trauma, it is now also being used for issues of more generalized anxiety and depression.


If you have any additional questions about my practice or would like to start the process of psychotherapy with me, please feel free to call or email.

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